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Judy Litt

It's not good enough for graphic designs to say "I chose the color purple because it looks good with __________". Or because the color is cool, trendy, etc. When you design, you should have reasons for the colors you choose. If you don't, how are you going to sell your customer on the fact that the color you chose has the appropriate color meaning for his project?
Below are just some of the meanings associated with color:

Sky, Sea, Water, Religious feeling, Peace, Faith, Stability, Melancholy, Trust, Loyalty, Wisdom, Tranquility, Integrity

Fire, Love, Passion, Energy, Revolution, Anger, Power, Debt, Danger, Heat, Warning

Money, Growth, Environmentally Friendly, Fertility, Envy, Spring, Freshness, Stability, Loyal, Healing

Energy, Sun, Happiness, Cheery, Creativity

Joy, Sunshine, Creativity, Determination, Success, Encouragement, Energy, Autumn, Construction

Royalty, Power, Nobility, Luxury, Spirituality

Conservative, Stable, Outdoors, Fall, Earth, Organic

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Judy Litt Meaning of Color Design Tips

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