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We are much more than just good design.

Sadly, unlike Kevin Costner's "Field of Dreams" if you build it they won't come - automatically. Websites need to be "searchable". Millions of people use a search engine such as Google.com or Yahoo.com to find information, products or services. Therefore it's very important that your web site rank as high as possible on search engine results pages or you may not be found.

Customers who find you through search engines (technical term: search properties) are also more likely to be interested in purchasing your product or service because they have searched you out. Optimizing your web site to rank higher in the search engines is a continuous process. To start with, each search engine has different ways of ranking sites, and as if that wasn't hard enough, search engines tend to change their minds about what they like, so keeping up with their preferences is also an ongoing concern! SearchEngineWatch.com is a great resource for search engine submission tips.

At Visual Accents Design we structure your website using the latest sound search engine optimization (SEO) principles to position your website for the best possible ranking.

Have you ever visited a site only to wait 30+ seconds while an animated "introduction" or some huge graphics load? How annoying - most people won't be as patient! Dial-up is still the dominant connection speed, despite the growth of high-speed broadband internet connections. The majority of users still access the internet via a standard 56kbps modem - even your commercial customers may be dialing in from a hotel room.

Research consistently shows that users eschew flashy, slow-loading, 'all bells and whistles' web sites in favor of straightforward, easy-to-navigate, information-rich sites.

Web design is not solely about visual appeal and professional design. When it comes to web site design, less is more. We're not talking about content - content is the reason people are going to the web! Most visitors want information, not entertainment, from a web site. It's about designing how content is organized and presented - making it easier for people to discover if your website has what they're looking for.

At Visual Accents Design we not only design fast-loading, professional, visually appealing websites, but also assist in designing how your content is organized and presented.

Promoting and marketing your website goes beyond merely making it "searchable". Linking strategies such as submitting your website to industry sites and specialized directories (such as your local chamber of commerce) or requesting reciprocal links are vital to increasing your website's ranking. You can dramatically increase your visibility when you write articles in your area of expertise and distribute them to editors as free content for their e-mail newsletters. Just ask that a link to your website and a one-line description of what you offer be included with the article. This is an successful "viral" approach that can produce hundreds of links to your site over time.

Email is also an effective marketing tool for your website. Include your web site address in your email "signature". Or use our Email Administration Tool to publish an e-mail newsletter.

At your request, Visual Accents Design can tailor a multifaceted marketing approach to promoting your website. We combine proven search engine, linking, traditional, email and paid advertising strategies to attract customers to your web site.

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